Restoration Wednesday, It Gets Cut in Half

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Look, I tried.  I wanted to save it.  Really I did.  But the rust was awful.  The sail panels rusted, the rockers, the doors and every fender had a hole through it.  I decided to cut my losses.  Who needs a windshield?  Interior bits?  Suspension perhaps?  Most of the parts will be restored and put on the shelf for future projects.

Oh.  Why did I cut it in half?  It doesn’t have a title.  So there was that little detail.  I bought it as a parts car before I went all sappy on it for two months.  Don’t ask me why cutting a car in half makes it ok to dispose without a title.  Do car thieves know this?   I asked if I need to bring the two yutes, halves, separately thinking the body can’t be tracked at that point.  Kinda like cutting up a credit card and throwing it out in two different trash pickups.  “Just bring ’em together.”   Umm.  Ok.

Bu-bye 9-1-4.  Hello $57 dollars in scrap metal.

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