Restoration Wednesday, Rust Bucket Tear Down

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Last week, although you wouldn’t know it because I didn’t write Restoration Wednesday, I tore apart a couple of 914 doors.  I didn’t think it was an exciting chapter to write about, yet here I go with a recap anyway.  I wouldn’t want you to think I was a slacker just Nancy prancing around Craigslist all week.  One Porsche  door was pre-impact protection and the other post-federal meddling.  If you’ve never felt or seen the difference between pre-and-post government intervention, it weighs about 20 more pounds per door (maybe 30) and looks like tubes welded underneath the door skin.  Not pretty but functional.  The glass and wind up mechanism were also redesigned and heavier.

This week I decided to take project pictures and write about more of the same.  Tear downs.  I’ve been pulling apart my rust bucket ’74 2.0 in the hopes of resurrecting useful parts and moving the carcass to preserving pastures.  Last year was the engine work.   I replaced all fuel lines, vacuum hoses, oil, cap, rotor, wires, plugs and fired it up.  Now I’m going to drop the engine to put up under my ’72 Texas chassis with no rust.  Should be plug and play.  The shift rods and linkage, unique to the side shift tranny after ’72, came apart no problem.  So that was good.  I continue to soak every visible bolt/nut and tap them with a hammer prior to cranking on deez nuts to give the best chance of breaking free.  The engine photo was the driver heat exchanger post successful dropping.  Stainless steel used exchangers bought on eBay last night for $106 shipped.  Yeah buddy, great price.  The interior, where most everything else was abandoned of its perch, leaves mice with no home except for the doors.  Maybe I’ll write about those next week.

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