Restoration Wednesday

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The ’71 911T came with Cibie headlights with concave lenses, not sure if you can tell that from the photos.  As they seem quite unique, I always thought it would suck if they broke.  Then I noticed a big rock chip in the passenger lens.   Suspicion confirmed.  They will break but to cover them with blue tape is going to make difficult driving at night.

Coincidentally, I’ve been restoring a set of 1966 Porsche 911 912 headlight buckets.  The Hella gray surrounds were rusted so I had them powder coated a similar gray color.  In addition, I cad plated the spring hardware that holds everything together while hand polishing out the original chrome and replacing worn out rubber grommets with new vacuum hose of similar stature.  

Eureka!  Put Cibie lights inside the buckets and place completely-product-incorrect combination on said ’71 911.    

  1. Will

    I HATE wasps! The only good wasp is a dead wasp. J

    Thanks for admitting the incorrect lamp/lens set up.

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