Restoration Wednesday, 1972 Honda CL100

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Remember that bike I bought for my friend Keith a couple weeks back? It’s now in my basement. Turns out Keith made the right call and decided not to go through a restoration on the bike. Too many parts missing to make it economically viable since a perfect Honda CL100 is worth about $1500 bucks. Running condition is somewhere between $500 to $800. Buying everything plus doing paint work would throw his budget way out of whack. I told him I’d take it off his hands. Wat am I going to do with it? A restoration. Of sorts.

My first order of business is to clean everything. I put the engine in the laundry tub and scrubbed. Then I took it outside and used some engine degreaser and scrubbed more. I also started putting the front end together after polishing out all the chrome and handles. Notice one handle has a cut ball on the end with a brass bushing while the other is full sphere and a non brass bushing. Which one is the original? Probably the brass. Hey look at that, the bike has 4,000 miles. A fact I overlooked when buying-the-basket since the odometer was in a box. I really should have paid more attention. But if I did, I wouldn’t have a sweet 3D puzzle project gracing the bottom floor workshop.

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