Purple People Eater Comes Home to Roost

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Distraction has been the theme for me the last week and here’s why, I bought another car.  It’s nothing special unless you love Barney, bastardized originals or projects.  This is all three.  I couldn’t resist the opportunity to own something that is going to restored or resold, complete or otherwise.  It’s supposed to get dropped off today about 10AM.  It got delayed in the snow storms that hit Reno.  The car is originally Californian and with any luck will remain it.

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  1. EMPM, Esq

    Decided to go 912 instead of 914? It’s very… purple. Is it a factory color or did someone just really like Grimace? Post more pics when you get it. Congrats on the new project.

  2. EMPM, Esq

    Edd China would strip it down to bare metal, have it repainted, put a new clutch in, an interior and then have Mike flip it. All within 2 episodes. I’m just sayin’…

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