Porsche Salvage 996 Parts Car or Export 911 C4

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…”Water damaged car with Texas Nonrepairable title. Great parts car to use in the repair of a damaged 996/911 coupe. eBay requires this to say salvage on title description but the document with the car is a Texas Non Repairable title…”

Probably hoping for a little caveat emptor…  My friends, I will not leave you hanging.  From the State of Texas DOT:
NONREPAIRABLE MOTOR VEHICLE: A “nonrepairable motor vehicle” is a motor vehicle that:
1. is damaged, wrecked, or burned to the extent that the only residual value of the vehicle is as a source of parts or scrap metal; or
2. comes into this state under a title or other ownership document that indicates that the vehicle is nonrepairable, junked, or for parts or dismantling only.
A vehicle for which a Nonrepairable Vehicle Title is issued on or after September 1, 2003, may not be rebuilt, retitled, or operated on the public highways.  Texas also maintains a database of flood damaged vehicles.

Find it here on ebay with several bidders already in the action.

  1. BRK NCK

    The question is how much did this guy plunk down thinking he was going to drive pennies on the dollar Porsche.

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