Porsche Parts – $1 (Elk Rapids)

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Just thought I’d pass along. Some good stuff here.

On Northern Michigan Craigslist.

“Alright Local Porsche Fanatics last chance at some great deals! Before they hit eBay and some bloke from Scotland buys them!
911 parts listed below

High performance muffler- ’79-’89
Stock muffler ’65-’74
Carrera steering wheel
Front grille ’65-’74
Pair of air box for 912 eng
Seat belt fasteners
Seat brackets
Sport OEM racing seats
Regular OEM seats ’79-’85
Headlight rings ’65-’74
Corner bumper ’65-’68
Visors ’65-’68
Door latches ’65-’68
Rear view mirror ’65-’68
Porsche lettering ’65-’68

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