Porsche May Struggle to Comply With U.S. Fuel Limits

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I came across this article in Bloomberg the other day.  What am I missing during the Obama administration that the average fuel economy for gas cars needs to be 41.4 mpg from 2016 on?  The last I checked that number was reserved for diesel Jettas and broken Priusi.  I realize Porsche just came out with a hybrid race car but they are going to have to buy a golf cart company to average out those kind of numbers.

Here’s a quick rundown for the base models fuel ratings:

Boxster manual – 19, 27 mpg
Cayman manual – 19, 27 mpg
911 manual – 18, 25 mpg
Panamera – can only find the 25 highway mpg rating through some microsite that launches in a new browser window instead of following the same format as the rest of the entire Porsche website
Cayenne manual – 14, 20 mpg

Feb. 21 (Bloomberg) — Porsche SE, the maker of the Boxster sports car, may struggle to fulfill U.S. gasoline-consumption rules, potentially denting sales, Financial Times Deutschland reported, citing a company spokesman.

Porsche gained a waiver to meet the requirements in 2012 through 2015 yet doubts its automobiles will satisfy the legal minimum consumption rate from 2016, the company’s U.S.-based lobbyist Stephan Schlaefli is cited by the newspaper as saying.

The U.S. legislation, which will become law in May, requires cars to have an average gasoline consumption rate of 41.4 miles to the gallon, the FTD cites Schlaefli as saying. That will entail lowering the consumption of Porsche cars by about 10 percent a year from 2010, which Schlaefli said was not feasible, the newspaper said.

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