Porsche : Beck 904 S/N #001

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UPDATE: On January 17, 2011 the market has spoken.  This did not make reserve at $35,100.  Beck will tell you it costs about $65K to put one of these together.  They are built as a rolling chassis less engine and tranny for you to install.  Designated engine is a 3.2 or 3.0 motor with a 915 or the earlier 901 transmission.

Ahhhh… who wants to go in halfsies? 

Put that baby between two pieces of bread and eat it up.  

One of my all time favorite project cars. 

Find it here on eBay in Florida.  Judging by a link he put to a dealer in the UK asking $100,000 for his, your half will be about $50K.  I’ll wait by the mailbox for your check.

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