Porsche 914-6 Conversion

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Another car that reads (link below) like the one you would want for only $17,500.  Makes me think I should sell all my pieces and find one that’s already done.  But where is the fun and experience in that?  Oh, you say I get to actually have fun and experience the car instead of looking at parts and a roller in my garage.  That sounds pretty good to quite reasonable. Apparently those seats are Recaros built at the Recaro factory for a racing 914-6.  Nice.
On Pelican Parts forum in Seattle.

“I have a very clean backdated 1974 (California emissions free) 914-4 conversion to 914-6 for sale. The car is well sorted driver’s car and presents extremely well with very nice paint and mechanics. The paint is very nice, but I would not call it “concourse.” It is about as rust free as one can get in a 914. I have been completely through this car in and out in the past six months and have found no cancer.

I bought this car late last year with the belief that it was well-sorted and nearly ready to go. What I found was an engine that was not rebuilt correctly and a car that I did not believe was put together in a quality fashion. So, needless to say, I had my wrench completely go through the whole car the past winter to fix everything that was not done to my satisfaction and to make sure everything was done right. I wanted a quality 914-6 conversion, not junk. A lot of early Porsche people know me and know that I value quality. My last car was a 912 conversion to a 911 which I completed the same quality work and it ended up in a well-known Porsche magazine.

The motor was replaced with a known motor with documentation. This 2.4T motor pulls strong. As a matter of fact, others that have driven this motor swore up and down that it was a 2.7. I had the motor completely detailed, added carrera tensioners, resealed, valves adjusted and tuned. The throttle linkage was completely rebuilt. 1.5 inch headers replaced the wrong size headers previously installed. The engine bay was detailed and sorted, including replacing the engine wiring. Motor and transmission mounts were replaced due to poor installation.

The transmission is strong and shifts smooth with no known issues.

Since the car was in the shop, I decided to do some “while you are in there” performance upgrades, including front M calipers replaced with aluminum Brembo lightweight calipers by PMB Performance, Koni struts/shocks were replaced with new Bilstein units, fake six inch Fuchs where replaced with real Fuchs shod with new Yokohama S-Drive 205/50/15 tires, and the height of the car was adjusted to sit right.

I installed a Dansk sport muffler just because I wanted a nice growl rather than the relatively sedate stock 911 muffler. I am including the stock muffler in the sale. I also installed a 914-6 style airbox to replace the K&N rain hats that were on the car when I bought it. I like the quieter intake and louder exhaust. I am including the rain hats as well.

I removed the stock non-supportive 914 seats with some matching Recaro sport seats designed for the 914 with perforated leather and corduroy center inserts. These seats were originally sold to me by my wrench as Scheel fiberglass shelled seats, but upon further inspection they were found to be a great quality steal framed seat. After contacting the previous owner, we found that they were custom Recaro racing seats specially built at the Recaro factory for a racing 914-6. Interesting little tid-bit.

I am including a new in box Engman cabin stiffening kit and GT reinforcement kit in the sale. I just don’t have the time to have them welded in prior to the sale. I’ll even include some quality weldable primer and Por-15 that I was going to use for the installation. I will also include a new center console that has never been mounted, a new VDO clock, spare clutch cable, spare spark plugs, spare cap and rotor, a short shifter, Momo hub, Fuchs center caps, and a set of Porsche closed-end alloy lug nuts if preferred over the open-end steel lug nuts currently installed.

So, why am I selling you may ask? Well, I am involved in some other interests that need my financial attention and the funds I have wrapped up in this car will be more effective if used in these interests. That’s it, no drama or long story. Bottom line, this is a good quality car needing a good quality caretaker.

Summary of car details:

Newer stone grey paint, including top, sails, front/rear valence and rockers
LE style front valence
Backdated chrome bumpers
Rear fiberglass bumper top
Newer rubber seals through out
911T front struts
PMB Performance Brembo aluminum front brake calipers
914 rear brakes with fully functional e-brake
Turbo tie rods
Front and rear sway bars
911T front torsion bars
140 lbs. rear springs
Brand new front Bilstein struts
Brand new rear Bilstein shocks
911 flat six Fuchs wheels front and rear
New Yokohama S-Drive 205/50/15 tires
Maddog bulkhead mount
GPR aluminum 914-6 oil tank
Webber 40 mm carburetors
911 2.4T motor with 30,000 miles, rebuilt by reputable local mechanic
MSD style ignition (Mallory)
Pertonix ignitor (no points)
New custom 8 mm spark plug wires
Carrera chain tensioners
New Odyssey PC680 battery
914 transmission with stock gearset
1.5 inch headers
New Dansk sport muffler
Camp 914 Gray loop pile carpet
Martin Baker Euro turn lenses
Camp 914 Pilot fog lights
Replaced wiper motor
Replaced wiper stalk
Evil One dash
Blaupunkt CD/stereo
914 Rubber fiberglass speaker pods
Recaro 914-6 sport seats on stock 914 rails
New fire extinguisher
Stock 914-4 steering wheel (I am taking my Momo with me)

I have the car in the shop getting some last minute details completed, but see below for some pictures that I have taken previously. Please PM me if interested.

Price: $17,500
Location: Seattle, WA

  1. Barney Hylton

    Please can you confirm if the 914-6 conversion in olive grey is still available for sale. Thanks Barney.

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