Porsche 356 powered BMW motorcycle 1964 Price: 8995.00

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Striking familiarity to the BMW I featured earlier that went for $4,301 on eBay several weeks ago.  But this one looks like a new deal.  I’m shocked to actually see two of these BMW Porsche conversions.  What, did someone have a club?  

“Porsche 356 powered bike. Project. complete. Parts in boxes and bins. Modified gearbox to accept Porsche engine. Frame modification to this German born bike done by builder back in the day. Same style and design as the Vasek Polak bike with the Carerra engine, only this one has a normal engine. The German bike /donor came with the rare BIG tank and altered gearbox ratios. Modern technology makes this pinned SPG roller crank indestructible( done by the best)…unlike those that became lamps or anchors. Revs like a rotary! MC high compression P&Cs with ceramic tops and silicone treated barrels. S90 heads.
Tank said SPEEDSTER in chrome, but now missing letters where a dent is.
Cool patina though.
Earles front forks, 356 engine, industrial intakes for center carb. too much to list here. get in touch for details. Clean title.”

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  1. Robert Overdeck

    I knew who built the 356 powered bmw, Paul Cook from Ontario

  2. Robert Overdeck

    I had him rebuild my 55 panhead motor. He had a mid 60s bmw 650 with a 356 engine, dual two throat weber carbs. He would start it and rest a cup of coffee on the gas tank.
    I went to prison for 36 years and priorities change.

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