Porsche 356 C Outlaw Vintage Race Emory Outlaw Badge

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This is certainly not our Friday Fright but rather a well done habitual criminal albeit a little overdone for my tastes.  I’d rather see the ability to turn things back to stock which can’t be done with fender flares and reshaped front end.  But I like the color choice, the engine build which is a big bore kit on a 912 motor, seats and fabric sunroof.  Tell me again why I always see outlaws with a luggage rack?

Quick! Strap the lute to the back of the car where we can‘t protect and if it falls off we have no chance of saving it.  Ride cowboy, ride!

On eBay in Hartland, Michigan where I’m sure someone from the club knows the owner well.

Recently built C coupe, with several changes. The first being the widened rear fenders, a subtle change but allows for 7 inch Fuchs all the way around. The engine is a 912 with a big bore kit installed along with a lightened flywheel, ceramic coated headers, very cool aluminum valve covers, new distributor, and much more. The engine is very responsive.

There has been a ragtop sunroof installed, very nicely done for that open air motoring. The interior features much custom aluminum work in the rear seat area, as well as custom aluminum toe boards. The seats are  very nice racing seats, with compleat 4 point harnesses. A rear roll cage was fabed and installed. Extra gauges were put in for monitoring the engine and electrical system. Custom Sound built the radio for the car. It looks like it belongs in an old Porsche. One of the large features is the Gary Emory Outlaw Badge, very sought after in the Porsche outlaw world. 

The front of the car has a few custom touches  as well. The head lights are Halogen with built in turn signals, and the factory openings removed to smooth out the nose of the car. The lower grill openings have been reconfigured to accept Hella road lamps. All these changes were all very nicely done. The tires are new Good year 205-60-R15″

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