Miura SV Barn Find

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This guy has got quite a collection. I spoke to Ed Biggie who lives in Florida and owns this collection. He bought the entire lot from an old friend who was downsizing to assisted living. It includes the Miura you see here plus a 1979 Porsche 930 with 38 original miles. I’ll post some more footage or pictures of that car shortly. The Lotus in the background are Number 100 and Number 6. One has 4,000 miles and the other less than 1,000. Ed has been slowly bringing the cars back to life but will not be driving them. The Miura footage was shot six months ago.

  1. Bill Blue

    The Miuras have been losing value over the years, along with everything else, and are down to about $500-600 for the SV. This one looks all there and would be a great project.

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