Jay Leno’s Not So Green Car Challenge

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By now, you’ve all probably heard or even seen the Jay Leno show at 10PM weekdays on NBC.  The show has moved into my top slot over the usual Seinfeld rerun before I head off to bed at 10:30ish.  That is unless I’m staying up late to watch Project Runway on Thursday nights.  There I said it.  I watch Project Runway.  Great show.  Watched it since season one.  Not something I would typically brag to my automotive circle.  But you know what, I watch Project Runway, a show about dresses and sewing and I love it.  In fact, I take notes and then go try their ideas on my own tops and shortz.  You should see this to-die-for blind hem stitch I pulled off da’ gusset on the a-line dress under arm.  Girlfriend the movement I got outta it.  Hmmmm did it look good.  Can I get a snap in a circle?!

Truly, I couldn’t be happier Jay moved to ten o’clock.  I love the monologue.  New on his show is this segment called Green Car Challenge where he places his guests inside a Ford Focus EV.  They race around a track twice for a time and that time is placed on a board against his other guests.  Yes, slight rip off of TopGear but all ideas come around that go around.  Don’t be mad, each is different and has merits.  

As you can see, the track is this little dinky thing out back of studio in Burbank.  Holy cramped Batman.  And hot.  I realize he shoots late in the day, but when I watch them all go outside to stand on the blacktop, I start to sweat.  Of course, you could shine a flashlight on me and my butt gets hot.  Sorry girls, someone beat you to this fine catch.

Some observations:

1. The chicanes need to be coned off so future drivers don’t pull a Drew Barrymore
2. Heck, the entire course needs to have cones to add penalty time
3. One day someone is going to back up after over shooting the finish and kill Jay

And finally… Green Car Challenge?  Do you see how much crap they shoot onto the car and track?  Guess where all of it goes after being used for our entertainment.  I guarantee they aren’t paying interns to repack the streamers.  Personally, I blame Ford for overlooking this part of their product placement.  Green marketers that really believe in the products they are pushing instead of jumping on the EV bandwagon wouldn’t have missed this detail.

  1. Fear Factor

    disappointed with leno’s new set. i thought the hype was around a car set in keeping with his collection and passion. but the set has a back drop of city streets or freeway or whatever and the green car challenge just reeks of product placement.

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