Hellaflush miata … Qiuck saleeeee – $2000

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“i bought this car from someone not long ago as a daily and it was fun but my other car needs work so i need money. Fun project.  its a 1990 Miata wit wheels and coilovers , 5 speed manual.  Body has 230k and motor has 80k

My name is Oz and my number is 646-644-7805″

Oz… buddy… hate to be the one to break it to you, but your wheels swallowed the coil overs.

Cars and coffee chatter: First generation Miatas have an 89.2 inch wheelbase.  Couple that with riding on your rims and you’ll turn around and sell this car as fast as Oz did. 

Find it on New York’s Craigslist.

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