Garage Francorchamps, 1978 FIAT 900T Ferrari Service Van

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“Formerly the property of Garage Francorchamps, 1978 FIAT 900T Ferrari Service Van

Total original, never restored, handpainted (!)

Formerly the property of Garage Francorchamps
1978 FIAT 900T Ferrari Service Van
Chassis no. 200B1453782

Many of the older Belgian Ferrari enthusiasts remember this FIAT 900 as the service van used for parts delivery and race assistance in the late 1970s and 1980s. This van was purchased new by Jacques Swaters’ Garage Francorchamps SA in September 1978, at that time still in the Rue Goffart, Brussels and surely was used for the company’s move to the Rue Colonel Bourg in 1984. The FIAT provided its loyal on-the-road service until some time in 1988 and for the next decade was used as a storage facility in the workshop of the Ferrari Antwerpen dealership that opened in 1989.

The sign-written livery features the famous ‘Cavallino Rampante’ and the logos of Ferrari models of the late 1970s: 308GTB and 308GTS, 512BB, 400 automatic and Mondial. The van is in very original condition with some rust to the lower body, while the engine is running but requires further servicing before it will be roadworthy again. It comes with the original service booklet and Belgian registration document in the name of Garage Francorchamps, a Belgian Certificat de Conformité and its last Certificat de Contrôle Technique dated 12/10/1987.”

So my plan is to take a bunch of cheap VW vans, paint logos on them, beat ’em up, get a good amount rust going and then pull them out of the back of service garage to sell them for lots of money.  Who’s in??

On Classic Driver in the UK for $84,983.

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