Ford GT40 Barn Find Uncovered in Southern California

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Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 8.53.37 AM
Did you guys see this already?  Thanks to reader Roy for this submission from Automobile Magazine.  It’s not for sale but it’s fun to look at the pictures and wish you were the owner’s neighbor. Needling him month after month, year after year, in the hopes that one day you break him down and he sells you the car at a fraction of its true value.  Why does he sell to you?  Because you helped with the trash cans?  Smiled at him a lot?   Laughed at his jokes?  Told him how much you really really want one of these.

Snap out of it man!  Do you know how far down the list you are for this car?  This is retirement on an island money.  Like he’s going to sell to you.  You probably had spinach in your teeth the last time you smiled at him.  And do you really think he cares about his trash?  Look at that garage!  You only helped with the cans so you don’t have to look at them two hours after pickup.  And in case no one told you, when you laughed at jokes that aren’t funny, it totally sounded fake.  Chump.

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