Fire Truck (For Sale/Trade) – $5500 (Port Huron, Michigan)

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“1984 Mack Fire Engine. (Miles: 93,174) I purchased this Fire Truck from an emergency vehicle dealer in Clare County Michigan about 5 years ago and drove it all the way back to Port Huron where it’s been stored indoors and undisturbed ever sense. My intentions were to run it in parades and emergency vehicle shows in honor of my father who was a Detroit Fireman but I’m just far to busy and have too many toys to fully enjoy them all. The truck has working emergency vehicle lights and a Federal Signal Q-Siren. VERY LOUD and tons of fun!!! 🙂
Also open to trades, I’m interested in V8 Mustangs, Trans Am’s and Porsche’s.”

Where good intentions get traded in for more toys.

On Detroit Craigslist.

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