CLASSIC Chevy **RED** Camero 1986 *27,600* Miles – $15500 (SANDY, UTAH)

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Mid-80’s Camaros are starting to come into their own.  My bet is that as interest and values rise, people who own them will learn how to spell the name.  Next, will be a transformation from fantasy to reality pricing.  The highest priced Camaro on eBay this year went for a straight $10K.  It was also an automatic IROC-Z with only 12,105 miles, less than over half the mileage of our 27,600 mile specimen. 
To further beat-on this Craigslist post I offer the following:
• The V-6 is probably an automatic but it’s not stated
“YES!!! ONLY 27,616 ORIGINAL MILES!!! – Really? I guess I’d be excited but not that much
• “Comes with a Car Cover for Outdoor use” – My tip is when you are asking about 3X over high value for your car, don’t let people know you stored it outside.
Of course, I strongly dislike resale red.  My sister-in-law has enlightened me on the use of a “strong word” such as hate.  So now I “dislike” things a lot, such as red cars. 
Thanks to reader Wade for this submission found on Craigslist Salt Lake.  Wade realized the price was off but thought I’d be interested in original 80s Camaros.  He was right.  My freshman college girlfriend drove a V-6, IROC look alike.  It was a hoot.  But more on her and that car another time.

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