Classic 1974 Buick Apollo VERY RARE! – $7000 (Ferndale)

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I was just at the Ace Hardware store today in Dexter.  Not a lot of people in Dexter after the stormin’ normin’ blizzard we had.  But alas, I was out to get some provisions… parts for my new car which I have yet to write about and some other things for the house.  
Any whooooo, I got to talking with the young guy who works there, Jim.  His daily driver is a 2000 Impala he bought from a grandma with 60,000 pampered miles.  Which of course got me to thinking about my “beige bomber” from high school, a 1976 Skylark that we got from grandma with 26,000 miles.  Low and behold here’s a better equivalent with a V-8, not the strained V6 I tried desperately to squeeze every ounce of juice from.
“1974 Buick Apollo, Very Rare, 20,000 Original Miles, Factory Air/Rally Wheels, Garage Kept From Arizonia, Excellent Condition, It has a 350 V8 Motor.” 
Find it here on Craigslist in Detroit.

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