Cars We Will Never See Again, Unless It’s The Thunderbolt

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My father-in-law forwards me emails that I always take the time to read.  I figure a minute out of my day for a little entertainment and a possible reply to the ol’ man ain’t wasted time.  The latest was of cars and trains.  The train shots were beautiful and had me missing Greenfield Village.  Can you only imagine turning off your engine at this crossing to watch time go by?

The second half of the email had a bunch of old cars shots that were one offs for auto shows back in the day.  The Thunderbolt was wrongly referred to as being gone.  I don’t mind telling you that I shed a tear at this email thinking about these cars and how no one cared for them after while.  Show cars, race cars and everything special became old news, washed up and practically given away.  
A few smart people held on to what they could, including the two brothers who showed up at Pebble last year with the Thunderbolt.  They had gone through a painstaking 10 year (or something like that) restoration.  Only question when they were all done.  How much paint stripper did you actually inhale before selecting the color palette?  

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    Autoshows are events that showcase uniquely designed cars. It is far different from car racing.

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