Car Guy Turns Referee

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Jerry Seinfield is coming back to NBC with a new show that looks at couples who bicker at little things called “The Marriage Ref“. It’s not about cheating, gambling or heavy/dark matter. It’s about whether the toilet paper pulls from the back or front and why your wife can’t put it on the way you like it. How is this remotely relevant to a car blog? If you are asking, then you don’t know that Jerry is a huge car guy. He especially loves Porsche.

My Top Five reasons why Jerry thinks this is a good topic for a show:

5. Reality shows are big even without men admitting they watch them.
4. The men that do watch become more die-hard fans than the woman that hooked them.
3. Single people will watch in a denial-love-bubble swearing they will ever end up going there.
2. Too much material left over from Super Nanny. Yes, those producers are the Executive Producers for Jerry’s show.
Laughing at someone else’s wife pissing off her husband is a boat-load better than the way you “so tactfully” tried to tell your wife to turn the toilet paper around.

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