Can You Live in the Past Man? BMW 5 Series (Warren)

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My first date with my now wife was in the same car. Black over black with these wheels. I loved that car. She liked it because although it was a BMW, it wasn’t a new BMW. It was a classic. In her mind I wasn’t trying to be “that guy” I was just a guy that liked old cars.

Now I’d like to go buy this car and relive the glory days but they are never quite the same the second time around. Sure I’d enjoy driving it but there are so many other cars out there that I think I’ll keep playing the field while collecting the ones I think are going up in value.

Find it for sale on Detroit Craigslist.


“BMW 1990 535i. Very reliable and fun to drive 5 speed transmission, semi-restored. The big six engine, 208 hp
23 mpg on the road at 80 mph and with the air on.

The car came from a low rust area of Southern Pa. This is not a rusted out Michigan car.

Runs and drives great. Black leather interior.

More recent improvements:

Front suspension
Valve regrind
Drive shaft

Basically everything works!
Radio, heat, air conditioning, wiper washers, rear window defroster, power windows ……..


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