Breaking Up 42 Years of Togetherness

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The 912 short block I bought from a guy on Craigslist was my target project for Friday.  It’s a short block.  For all you non-Charlie Browns out there,  this is an engine minus the heads (valve train and usually pistons and cylinders). My block has the pistons hanging out of it, the clutch and some other small niceties that would be added expense to replace.   

I stripped the engine of everything I could and began trying to split the case.  The first few times I tried, I realized I missed a couple bolts locking the thing together.  So twice, I got false hope that “ooooh removing this bolt will finally do the trick.” Nothing.  I smacked the crap out of this thing and can’t get it to budge.

I’m at a loss how to break these two apart.  After 42 years, you would think they would be looking for a a new spark, a vacation, some time to explore their own feelings.  Look…  I’m going to bring you guys back together, I swear! 

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