As Long as You Get There, It’s Half the Fun – Part 1 of 3 by Groosh

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Over the next week or more, we will be updating you on our weekend in Monterey. We will have feature stories and photos in the magazine on:

• Concorso Italiano
• Monterey Historics
• Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

Additionally, I will have a feature interview with the founder of Spyker, Victor Muller.

A fast update on our round-trip journey. I eluded to the flogging of a car that held it’s own but being far from tip-top. This coming from an engine that was described by my mechanic, John Benton of Benton Performance, as running on three cylinders during idle because the compression was so bad. Heck, it is running isn’t it John? I had planned to keep the revs below 4,000 RPM throughout the ride which got me doing about 80mph in fifth gear. That was until HWY 1 when Mike, leading the way, decided to pull a fast one passing a camper in the double yellow turn lane. Oh, so it’s going to be like that, is it Mike? I dropped a couple gears, tightened up my body while making the “I can’t open this jar face” and pushed the car harder than I ever had to pass the camper too. The chase was on, let’s hope the car would be “on” as well.

We rallied for 60 miles passing pokies in the correct spots and the not so correct spots. With each pass I got progressively more confident in my car, revving up to 5,000 then to 5,500 on my way to 5,900. If it didn’t throw a rod all should be fine…

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