All Hail Saving $60 Bucks

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So I bought a fog light on eBay for about $55 delivered which was quite the deal.  Most of them I found after weeks of looking were around $120 or new $140.  Was this one new and perfect?  Of course not but that was the point.  It needed to match the other 26 year old one.
The light showed up at the door and I wasn’t surprised to find it was victim of red over spray.  You definitely couldn’t see that in the photos but no big deal.  I rubbed it down with some Goof Off.
Then I pulled the lens to check the innards to find the light height adjustment brackets are broken.  Seems that Bosch in designing these lights put the height adjustment screw right next to the four screws that undo the lens.  So if you’re like me, you’re leaning over the car shoving screw drivers into holes trying to undo the lens.  Maybe, just maybe, you undo the adjustment screw a bit too far confusing it for a removal screw and crack things.
Luckily between:
– My original lens
– Super glue
– One over night to wait for glue to dry
– Bandaids 
– One and half hours of work
I was able to marry up two lenses to make one.  Oh yeah, when I was trying to pull apart the broken lens you see below, I sliced my finger wide open.  I think I saw a pulse.  All hail to saving $60 bucks.

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