914/6 race car, 3.2 power $22,500

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Spent some time on 914World this morning.  Lots of 914-6 conversions and 2.0 liter fours popped into 1.7 slots, one or the other is going to happen to my ’72 914 tub sitting in storage.  This blue one is a purpose built race car that caught my attention because of the fresh build with no real drive time on it.  With some “simple” modifications it might appeal to more people or more specifically, me.  

• Remove wing
• Remove windshield sticker
• Remove all stickers
• Shoot hood all blue
• Add turn lens and make street legal if possible
• Add passenger seat after moving battery
• Plug the hole from engine to passenger compartment?!

Huh, on second thought maybe it just needs to find the right owner to race it.  Best in that.

“I’m selling this car for a customer. It is in my Peoria, IL shop.
Great price for a car ready to go.

Car preparation:
• 914 -3.2L , Mahle Pistons, racing cam, titanium spring/retainers, performance chip
• Limited Slip 901 Transmission n,s,x gears with Tilton pump and cooler,
• Full Box Roll Cage ,
• Fuel Safe 15 gallon tank ,
• Flame out system ,
• Sheridan Body work, Zeus Fasteners, Removable Panels , Carbon Fiber Wing,
• Turbo Brakes front and rear ,
• JRZ rear Shocks w Bilstiens front Coil overs,
• Boxed trailing arms and chassis stiffening ,
• 22mm front TRG front Sway Bar ,
• 3 Piece BBS Wheels 16×10 with Hoosier Racing Slicks ,
• Wired for Radio,
• Chassis Dynoed.
• This car is light under 1800lbs and an engine with 260+ hp.
• Over $40,000 invested
• Less than 60 min on the engine”

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