84 VW Vanagon – $5500 (Interlochen)

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“I need to sell my 84 Vanagon, It has no rust on the body, a slight dent in the sliding door. I have put a new Alternator, new Gas tank, new fuel filter, new fuel distribution rail, replaced most of the hydraulic clutch line, replaces 2 plastic water line connections with metal ones. and have done all new brakes on it. I was taking the plastic hub caps off but took the photos before I finished, I am asking $5500”

Sometimes I look just cause I’m curious.  Now I’m curious:

•  Why is this dude uses a leaf blower to dry the car?  
•  Who is taking these photos and thought now’s the time to snap the best shot?
•  Why haven’t I thought of using a leaf blower?

On Northern Michigan Craigslist where the priceless is just a click away.  By the way, I actually like the color combo on this one.  It looks surprisingly tight and clean.

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