Looking for a Rare 5-Speed Manual Jaguar XJS?

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Back in December of 2011, I wrote about another ’84 Jaguar with a 5-speed manual transmission. This is the Jaguar of my youth and consequently mine to chase. They are few and far between in the US. But as James pointed out, who discovered my post and wrote me to tell me of his father’s Jag for sale pictured here, “they were used exclusively by Jaguar staff and never sold in the US except by auction to Jaguar employees.” And that my friends, makes them rare.

While this one needs a little help, I appreciated James for not only giving my an opportunity to buy the car but in creating an honest well written Craigslist ad with pictures showing the bad with the good. Best in the sale James. Cheers.

Find it for sale on New Jersey’s Craigslist.

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  1. Mike

    I remember cruising on a Friday night with a friend in a convertible version of this car… a beer between the legs, and wind through the hair… great times…

    • Groosh

      Ah, the ol’ cruising with a beer days. The cars are now cheap but the penalties steap.

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