410 Sprint Car & Trailer – $15000 (surrounding area)

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My recollection of these races goes back to college when there was nothing on TV. We’d sit there using the hard-wired cable remote control.  Click, click… click, click, click, click… 
“Side Out the movie?” 
“No, not again.” 

Click, click, click… One and two and three and four, now hoooold it.  Good, now switch to the other side.  Click…

“Why do they always race these things at night and on dirt?” 
“Dunno, but I’m thinking one of those wings would look sweet on your car.”  Click, click…

“410 sprint car 98% new never raced / fresh aluminum 410 / 0 laps since fresh / no fuel was ever in the tank / to much to list 15,000.00 firm any less ,I’ll take it to the track and wald it up myself (L.O.L ,) sorry cash & pick up only (have a good day) P.S. dog not included” 
Find it here on Craigslist in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area.

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