2016 Detroit Auto Show

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I almost forgot to tell you that last week I went to the Detroit Auto Show. My friend Roy drove in from Ohio, per our usual annual meet up, as we gathered another car guy Al to complete the trifecta walking the show. I have to admit, I’m sorta over a boyish-pumped up enthusiasm for new car shows except for booths that feature classic cars such as Alfa Romeo who brought an old race car. And Ford that displayed one of the original GT40s outside the show floor in the hallway.

I love cars and what was once new will become old but I find myself longing for 60’s, 70’s and 80’s era cars with a dash of 90’s and 00’s in between. When I look at brand new, I think about the huge amounts of money needed to purchase them off the showroom floor. Anything decent will start at around $25,000-$30,000 and anything sweet will hit $60,000 in a heat beat. Yet half their value will most likely drop in five years time. I guess I’m just not a new car guy and like the idea of buying on the bottom of the depreciation curve.

Porsche, BMW, Audi and Alfa Romeo did retain a lot of our interest along with the Toyota design exercise pictured below and a short skirt model or two. Perhaps the biggest highlight was lunch at Lafayette Coney Island. Love me some Lafayette.


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  1. Mike

    Love me some Lafayette’s.

    I agree, I’m having a harder and harder time even finding a distinction between the brand models, nothing is unque until it hits $100k. Every sedan looks like a Honda, and all the 2+2’s are boy racers.

    • Groosh

      I’m with you. We spent a bit of time at the Lincoln booth looking over their sedan that now looks like every other sedan. Congrats Lincoln, you finally caught up to the competition from three years ago.

      However, I still am smitten with the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S sisters. Good, fun package for the money. Of course, Caymans are getting cheaper now so I’m more likely to lean Porsche if I go for a later model sports car.

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