2013 Detroit Auto Show, the NAIAS

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Yesterday we spent the day covering the NAIAS, Detroit Auto Show, for Motor Car Market.  Look for coverage of the show in the magazine.  In the meantime, here are few favorite photos. The show was packed even though we were able to get some shots without anybody around.  

The convertible is the Cadillac Ciel, easily one of my favorites at the show.  Hopefully Cadillac will find a way to build it so I can find a way not to afford it.  Porsche never disappoints.  What is today’s technology with $100K price tags will soon be tomorrows collectible classic depreciating to Honda Accord levels of attainability, so it’s important to keep up.    The Corvette drew awe from everybody around, especially given the none-round taillights, but easily was on top of the pedestal for overcoming faults of years past. 

  1. Ernest Moran

    Does the Vette rear look as bad in person as it does in pictures? The whole thing looks too much like a prop from a transformers movie for my taste, at least in pictures.

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