2011 Local Motors Rally Fighter

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You may remember my post on Local Motors a few months back.  They build, rather you build in a warehouse, limited volume cars configured online by a bunch of car geeks who pick flavor-of-the-month-designs before voting a winner into production.  If you know what I’m talking about after jamming the contents of 5 or 6 LM videos into one sentence, I’ll have a shot and a beer.  Two shots… two shots and a beer.  No no, forget the beer.  How you doin’, whiskey and a whiskey.   

If I’ve still got more splainin’-to-do, LM offers this on their website home page: “An open source community of designers, engineers, builders, supporters, and spectators. It is the canvas where vehicles and technology of the future are designed.”  Did that help you any more?  Yeah, doesn’t say anything about you building it.  But it’s got a real pretty tongue and sounds all VC-like in its mission statement approach.  

Hey, I’m not knockin’ it.  They are building cool cars and the concept of voting coupled with hands-on craftsmanship seems to be working.  Just hope everybody gets a copy of the torque settings.

Top Gear USA covered this Rally Fighter and that fifteen minutes of fame is now on the market for $85,000 Buy it Now in Phoenix, Arizona.  Or you could pre-order a 2012 for $5,000 and build it yourself for $74,900.

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