2007 RTM Tango 190cc

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I’m mad at the tango and I like to dance.  Imagine how this guy feels.  He’d probably shoot the Geico commercial right off his TV.

“This auction is for the Tango 200, (originally a 190cc) I replaced the original motor with an Adly 176cc (story to follow), Supposedly this BRP Can-Am 200 engine was the original motor that was supposed to go into the trike before the company found a cheaper alternative.

Here goes the story of the Tango 200:

I purchased the Tango in 2007. The price of this Trike was $7800.00 which included the destination fee to have it delivered from Miami Florida. The president of  RTM personally delivered me the 1st RTM Tango 200 that was cleared through customs.

I Titled the trike (which is classified as a motorcycle), registered it is South Carolina, and Insured it.  The first trip I took was a 10 mile round trip to the grocery store downtown. On the way back home, the bike started vibrating and quit running on the side of the road. I took it home and opened up the engine case to discover that the stator had sheared the woodruff key and tore up the teeth on the cam gear. I ordered all new parts, put it back together, and took it for a test drive down the road. 2 miles into my trip, the trike started vibrating and quit running on the side of the road.. SAME PROBLEM…  Again, I contacted the president of RTM and he sent me all the parts I needed. Third time just had to be a charm…NOT ( Same Problem with my first test drive).

At this point the trike was recalled because the crank was 125 grams out of balance from the factory. From the day the recall was issued, the president of the company stopped taking calls and disappeared off the face of the earth….

TANGO 200 owners had to fend for themselves. I found a company willing to balance the crank and get things running right and it was only going to cost me $375.00. I shipped off the parts and received my modified crank in about 45 days because the fabricators were waiting for some Tango dealers to ship in their Cranks to give us all the discounted rate of $375. The day I was installing the new crank, I received an email that read URGENT….URGENT….. DO NOT INSTALL THE MODIFIED CRANKS….. this does not work.

I had to send my crank back to the fabricator for modification #2 which was supposed to allow for better lubrication or something like that and it was going to cost me another $195. I sent it back in and 2 months later I received my crank back in the original condition I sent it in with an explanation that there was nothing more they could do with these engines to make them run correctly again.

After about 6 months of research, I found a heavily invested Tango dealer in Kansas City that found the BRP Can-Am 200 engines that could be shipped from Taiwan for $1700.00 for the engine and $550.00 for the modifications that needed to be done to the engine mounts and the exhaust system…

So here I am almost 4 1/2 years and $10,425.00 later, and my Tango is running once again.

Very Nice Condition… Some minor scratches from sitting up in a barn for the last 4 years but nothing that stands out, ( you have to be looking for them).

I am currently working to get the speedometer working again….. I think it is just the sensor on the back wheel… No Promises

Also today I noticed the windshield wipers are not working but may just be a fuse…… I will also look into that during this auction timeframe…… No Promises

I am not a motorcycle mechanic but I have been forced to learn a thing or two over the past 4 years in order to get this thing back on the road. You will not be disappointed.”

On eBay for a start of $4,500 with apparently no one interested this late in the game in the BIN of $6,000.

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  1. Jon Slater

    Is this still available? Did you get it working? (wiper, speedometer)?

    Is it drive-able?

  2. John S Ryals

    I am currently removing the 50 cc engine and drive train from my HTM Tango trike. I am connecting a Kawasaki EX 500 Ninja under it and have many parts for sale.

  3. Tony Hunter

    Where can I get either a used or new instrument panel with all the gauges , speed omitter ECT for my tango 200 rtm reverse trike micro car motorcycle it’s a 2008 model

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