2002 VW Passat – $5700 (Kalamazoo)

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We were at my brother-in-laws last night for a birthday party.  Per usual, we took my wife’s 2010 Jetta Wagon TDi with a six-speed manual.  Nice ride, actually we love it.  A couple at the party came up to her and said is that your car?!  We just bought the same one.  Welll… thinking to myself if you bought the 2011 edition with the dumbed down interior that went dealer cheap it’s not the “same,” but ok, you just bought the same one. 
“Is yours a stick shift?”  
“Yes, is yours?”
“Yes, ours is a stick automatic.”
My head drops, eyes start to roll left…  Whoops, keep engaged not everybody is a car guy.  Give them the ol’ nod of recognition and approval.  Ok, there you go back in the conversation.   
“Our 2001 Passat is a 5 speed manual.   It’s been wonderful, gas and brakes, not a thing has gone wrong.”  
Not bad, respect for VW party people equalized.  
Here’s to hoping nothing goes wrong with yours or this VW Passat with 5 speed on Craigslist, Ann Arbor.
“2002 Volkswagon Passat, it only has 86xxx miles. very clean car, heated leather seats, sunroof, alumium wheels, and other luxurious options. no dents or rust. very good tiers. has 1.8Turbo engine with manual transmission. strong and cheap in gas.”

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