1997 Ferrari 355 Challenge

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I don’t know… it just doesn’t seem right to buy a car without a title these days.  When I sold my ’66 Porsche 912, the new owner insisted on a notarized bill of sale in addition to the signed title.  He has a collection of 75 or so vehicles and many are old race cars with history back to Italy and no titles.  They were all sold on a bill of sale in them-there-days so I get his need for paperwork.  But a ’97 Ferrari without a title?  Doesn’t seem right.

“This is the lowest mileage 355 Challenge car I know of. Major/Timing Belts etc.. done just 100 miles ago by Dealer. Car was brought in by Risi and was raced in Argentina prior to local owner using it on track days. Car has 11678 KM or 7256 miles. Car will be on a fresh set of Hoosier stickers when You receive it. Runs great, clutch, brake discs etc in good order. Comes with some spare brake discs, spare wiring harness and spare extinguisher bottle. This is a Bill of sale car since its a race car here in the USA, can be street legal in many countries of course.” 

On eBay for $47,999 Buy it Now.

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