1994 Toyota Supra Targa

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Since I found a wrecked Supra a few days ago, I thought it fitting to post one that says “mint” condition.  Let’s go down the check list together to see how mint this julep is shall we?  

What is that matte black paint?  Um, ok I guess.
Mileage: 97,685.  That’s a few ticks over tock.
Factory serviced, no modifications, original – Well that’s good.
Automatic transmission – Who buys these cars? 
Original owner bought in California then shipped to Europe – I like original owner.

These cars are getting really hard to find clean and original so despite the matte paint and automatic, it has potential.  But $10K plus shipping to the US is about all I’d be willing to spend because swapping out the tranny for a 5 speed is going to cost a mint.

On eBay in Switzerland for $10,000 reserved to start.

 “Beautiful and Pampered Toyota Supra.

Original owner.  Purchased car in Feb 1994 in California.  Car has traveled with owner to Europe.  Currently in Switzerland.

The Supra is licensed and insured for use in Switzerland, also possible to license in EU countries or USA.

Perfect condition.  NO dents, NO dings, NO scratches, just perfect condition!  Matt. black paint job makes car look even sexier than the original Toyota paints.  This car turns heads every where it goes.  If you are looking for something flashy and original that you can’t buy or find everywhere, you have found the right car. 

NO problems, always serviced at Toyota dealerships.  Everything on this car is original factory parts/accessories/etc… except the paint, I preferred to have it in matt. black.

Best car I’ve ever owned!  Toyota makes quality cars and there is no exception with this one.  I regret to sell it but sadly must since we have started a family.” 

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