1994 Ford Power Stroke Concept Truck

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The Daimler SP250 suffered from the same problem this truck did.  Everybody wanted to put a hook in it.  In identifying this potentially flawed facade, Ford fashioned boat cleats in the bed to further the fishing experience.  Ironically mooring the Power Stroke would be about all it’s good for since, legally you can’t license or drive it down the road.
Thanks to reader Dan for forwarding this one along.
On eBay in Hartland, Wisconsin starts at $40,000 but at that price it could be yours.  And we all know where the prices of concepts go and overall this one is pretty good lookin’.

“We are offering the one and only 1994 Ford Power Stroke Concept Truck for sale from our private collection.

The Power Stroke was created by the Ford Special Projects Division to introduce the Power Stroke Engine. The display electronics system is included with the sale.

Design cues were built in to “throw off” the other manufactures. As you can see, no features of the Power Stroke were ever used on the Ford Super Duty line up.

Sunfire pearl yellow paint really highlights the body shapes. Received “best truck paint” award and best in class award at the Milwaukee World of Wheels under our ownership. The one of a kind, well, six of a kind Proto type tires and wheels were “over the top” in 1994. Turn signals in the mirror face was ahead of it’s time. Head lights and tail lights are completely unique. The more that you study the truck, the more unique features you will see. The Power Stroke gets complements everywhere it goes.

The Power Stroke is featured on the cover of the “American Dream Cars” book. You may also recognize the Power Stroke from the Sony Play Station II, “Ford Racing 3” video game.

This is a promotional truck, built by Ford, NEVER intended for use on a public roadway. It is sold on a “Bill of Sale”. You will be required to sign a legal document regarding this prior to the Power Stroke leaving our property. To be clear, the Power Stroke, runs and drives. The air blows cold. Stereo sounds good. Steering is tight. Brakes work. Head, tail, stop and back up lights work.

The Power Stroke is 95″ at the widest point of the rear fenders. It has been shipped all over the country with Ford via enclosed transport.

We will assist with coordinating shipping at the purchasers cost and will even help with world wide shipping.

Why Ebay? We would like to sell it now. If we wait to sell it with one of the large auction companies in January, our costs will raise tremendously. Thus, it will cost you much more to own the Power Stroke!”

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