1993 Mazda RX7 Twin Turbo – $10800 (Green Bay/Appleton)

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“What I have is a 82k mile 5 Speed Mazda RX7 Twin Turbo that is for sale currently as a roller that runs. ” Car sat for 5 years without running and when I bought it the oil control rings leak internally so it burns oil”. The motor only has 4k on it after being completely rebuilt by A-Spec Illinois. So you would be interested in the car AS-IS I would part with it for $10,800. Will need to be towed/trailered as it does smoke bad but runs ” real good”. Also has PS A/C and OMP delete on it! Forgot to mention A-Spec also did Street Port the motor.

Things i know installed on car. Microtech LT10S computer $1,499.00- Eibach coil overs with Kuni yellow shocks 1,799.99. – Aeromotive Fuel Regulator with SS fuel lines $400.00- Amost new Kumho Escta tires $600.00- I have the Factory service manual along with entire Electrical service manual both of wich are extremely detailed and show entire breakdown of engine and electrical and maintanance manual- $600.00 and much more I cant think of!

Now if you would be interested in the car ready to drive and completely rebuilt with a fresh motor I am ready to have that done also by one of the country’s best Rotary Mechanics but would be asking $14,500. Been quoted $1,000 plus seals to re-gasket the motor so I would assume you would get it done yourself by somebody near you. See for yourself in pics this thing is in dang good shape for a 1993 and these are becoming so rare they are extremely hard to find! Please respond to link if you have any questions!”

Not really sure what that oil control ring leak means for repair but he’s right, these are getting harder to find.  And this one has relatively low miles.  I just had a conversation about one of these over the weekend with Chris who lives in Davidson, North Carolina.  He sold his to prepare for life with kids.  Sweet sweet kids who change everything.

On Kalamazoo, Michigan Craigslist

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