1991 Nissan GTR R32

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UPDATE:  No surprise this didn’t sell but would you believe it only bid to $1,565 on June 10, 2011.

Original Post: Upon stumbling on this car on eBay this morning, I noticed a few things of concern.

– Only an eBay member since Feb-10
– One picture
– Has Buy it Now which might mean quick deposit get away
– Seller in Hong Kong
Search results on Car8.com for GTR
Now this might be legitimate, might not, so I tried to dig further.  I noticed the picture has Car8.com on it.  I went to their site and studied up on my Chinese to search for GTRs which yielded tons of results.  I was slightly surprised at how many.  Above is that link to my GTR search on Car8, so scroll down to see results.  I didn’t actually see his car listed on eBay but maybe the guy is trying a new route to make his $25,000 asking price.

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