1991 Lotus Elan

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The Lotus Elan is one of those cars that will always intrigue me because Kia was able to buy the rights to the design and put one together themselves.  I drove the Kia Elan while working for Kia Motors in the late 90’s.  It was a spirited drive that attracted a lot of attention but ended up getting crushed under pre-production import regulations.  Too bad Lotus and Kia didn’t change the “blow factor”, front wheel drive in this light weight 2,200 pound ride. 

On Hemmings in San Fran for $10,000.

I like this one in classic BRG powered by the Isuzu DOHC 1.6 liter 16-valve engine, turbo was available as an option.  This one has 70,400 miles and was formerly owned by the Hormel family.  He points that out because there is some serious chilli offered in the deal. There has to be right?  Why would he point that out if there was no chilli?  Turkey with no beans chilli.  Bam, got a can right here.  Love it.  That boy had better be layin’ down some chilli in this deal or I’m going to be pissed…  Why would he do that?  Hormel.  Stirs up only one thought.  You say the name in the ad because someone out there is going to care, right?  I care.  I want some chilli.    

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