1988 Suzuki Samurai Hardtop

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This one looks really clean.  Not sure why I thought they were 3 cylinders engines.  Maybe that was campfire talk after burning too much treated lumber.

“You remember those Suzuki Samurais?”


“Love those things.  Great little 4×4.  What were those, a tiny 3 cylinder motor, right?”


“Well it’s not what you show, it’s how you go.”

“Heard that.”

“Grab some more of that 2×4.  I like the way it burns.  Kinda purdy all blue-green.”


On eBay, 134,000 miles, Montgomery, Illinois.

  1. Mike G

    My sisters boyfriend had one of these, back in the day… I took it out with 4 other kids..yes, I was probably 19 at the time. Got’er stuck in the mud at about 9pm. No, we didn’t have cell phones back then… so one of the girls had to find a house and call the parents, who then came out and pushed and pulled until we got out… not a good day when parents get pissed at you… I remember the story every time I see one on the road.

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