1988 Jaguar XJS Convertible Low Miles – $5000 (Warren)

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The owner does a great job with the write up so I won’t wash, rinse or repeat it. I will add that I’ve never been crazy about gauge clusters in the 80’s. Many lost the chrome and metal accents in exchange for black plastic. The ones here in the middle for temp, fuel, etc. are not dial but the rising rod style. The technical design term is lost on me. I think I could get to like them. The convertible part I could leave behind but if I had to have one, a low mile, Nardi wheel, Hess & Eisenhardt edition would do fine.

Find it for sale on Detroit Craigslist.


“1988 Jaguar XJS, 2 door Hess & Eisenhardt Convertible. 5.3L V12. 34,000 original miles. $5,000 or best offer. Starts and runs very nicely and has a nice ride. Body is SOLID with no rust and no dents. Paint is fair to good. Some small fade spots on the rear decklid, some damage to the paint on the top crease of the left side (see photos). Some scratches. Tires are fair. Aluminum wheels are in very good condition with the honeycomb pattern. Chrome bumpers are sparkly and beautiful, the front is perfect, the back has very, very slight imperfections. Convertible top has two very tiny holes but they don’t seem to leak. The interior seat bottoms need replacing. If you know anything about these Jags, they are notorious for having poor quality seats and most that I’ve seen have been redone. You can get the entire leather seat skins on eBay and have them redone to look like new. I know a GREAT local upholsterer that specializes in automotive upholstery! Interior door panels and carpeting in excellent condition. All of the glass is original and in excellent condition, including the real glass rear window. The electric windows are tempermental and sometimes you have to help them up all the way. The convertible top goes up and down smoothly and without a hitch. The drivers side door only recently stopped opening from the outside handle, it opens from the inside only but if you have any kind of mechanical ability, you just need to pop off the door panel and fix it. Or, like I do, keep the top down and you can just reach in. Something just came loose, I’m sure it’s an easy fix. Nardi classic wooden steering wheel adds a beautiful touch that accents the real wood interior trim. The dashboard and the rest of the interior is in very good condition, no cracks or splits. After market stereo with removable face. New Battery this spring. I also just had new gaskets and engine work done last Fall ($3,000) including tune up from a Jaguar mechanic. Full size spare and original tool kit. Needs an antennae, easy fix. Lots of power with the V12 !!!! This car wants to GO !

This is truly a collector’s edition as the H & E convertible was only made for 3 years – 86/87/88. The Hess & Eisenhardt convertible differed from the later Jaguar convertible XJS as its unpadded top folded down deeper into the body structure of the car resulting in a cleaner rear profile when the roof was lowered. To accommodate this design element, the Hess & Eisenhardt convertibles have two separate fuel tanks, positioned to allow for the roof to fully retract. You don’t have the bump from the top sticking up like other models. In 3 years, there were less than 2,800 made. Hard to find anymore.

I have owned this car for 10 years and I have loved her alot but just don’t get the chance to drive it as much as I’d wished to. This car has tons of life left and is a real head turner. I always got plenty of looks and compliments on this sweet little buggy.”

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