1987 Porsche 928 S4

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Funny but I look at the S4 and think how modern it seems vs. my ’86 944 Turbo.  It has my ’86 by one year of freshness yet this old girl’s lineage traces back to 1978.  Shouldn’t my 944 Turbo feel like today’s fashion instead of yesterday’s bell bottoms?  But it doesn’t.  It’s got it’s vintage styling that I love but the 928 is a truly timeless design like the 911.  A spaceship landing on a bed of moon rocks that in my opinion could be on the 2012 auto show circuit and still pull some tail.    

This one has a Buy it Now of $15,950 in Sarasota, Florida.

“1987 Porsche 928 S4. Wonderful example of an iconic Porsche. Less than 10% had 5 speed manual transmission. $9,000 Engine rebuild to GTS specifications 4,000 miles ago. Just spent $4,560 on repair and maintenance to bring back to top condition. AutoAuthority chip, stainless steel muffler bypass, Momo steering wheel, clear lenses and rare “like new” Porsche crest floor mats. Very nice clean interior. Stock wheels mounted with a set of GTS wheels included. 928 Porsche car cover. No known paint or body repair. Runs extremely strong and is an exhilarating driving experience with the 5 speed manual!”

  1. wallymann

    frickin’ awesome…i sooo want that car.

    takes me back to growing up, a guy down the street had an early lime-green 928 in the early ’80s…to die for!

    as i understand it, if you get a 928 these days you better have a trained mechanic on retainer!

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