1987 Land Rover Range Rover

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When I was in high school, my friend’s dad had one of these in a storage unit that hardly got driven.  It might have been a 1986.  We took it up north (Michigan) one summer and started driving it on the trails typically reserved for 4-wheelers and snowmobiles in the winter.  I think we were still getting highway mileage on the trail.  We hardly pushed the thing until staring down a river crossing leaving the forest’s edge.  
We made it halfway across and got it stuck nose dive deep in the river bend opposite side.  As the engine stalled out, water was coming into the front cab when my friend flagged down the only random 4-wheelers to get help.  We were so wound through the back country that we didn’t realize the other side of the river was a two-track down to the main road.  A tow truck, a hundred bucks and a couple hours later the Rover was back at the cottage.  The truck started right up thankfully.
We scrubbed that interior with dish soap and I went to work on the fog lights that had filled with sand and water.  Once we finished our surgery the SUV was as good as new with a faint smell of fish.  My buddy still has a Polaroid picture of the truck in the river.   Seems in up north Michigan, four-wheelers don’t see dumb kids in the daddy’s Range Rovers stuck in the river much.
I’d buy one if they weren’t such train wrecks.  Find this one in Palm Springs with only 51K on eBay for BIN of $7,800.

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