1987 Ferrari Testarossa

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I’m not sure how I get sucked into reading about these cars.  Oh yeah, it blew me away when I first saw one at 16 years old.   Now they are attainable with a Buy it Now price of $40,999.  This one’s gotta be a salvage title though.  Yup, salvage.  Ok, why… 
“In the intersest of full disclosure:The title that I have in my name is clear,however the carfax shows damage and a salvage title issued in 2004.Somehow the subsequent title was not recorded as salvage.The car shows no evidence of this however and the carfax devaluation for this is $3,850 off of the value.”
Oh.  Well I like the guy being forthright even though he basically told me he doesn’t know the car’s history which is scary.  The Testarossa does have receipts for $8,800 belt out engine service only 200 miles ago.  Seems like a slight bargain for a driver.  But then I kept reading.
“If you want a car to achieve membership in the upper echelon of the Ferrari country club elite and park it on a golfcourse then this is not the car for you.”
What?  The club is going to snub me because it’s a salvage title?   Sounds like somebody is holding a grudge.
“The price is right,the car is good.Have you ever seen a beautiful woman standing in a crowd ? nobody approaches her as they are all too indecisive,insecure etc.Finally ,just when you summon the nerve and are about to say hi,another man walks up ,they chat and she smiles and and they leave.You never forgot losing that opportunity so don’t let this one slip by,man up,you will not regret it.”
Couldn’t get laid in it either huh.

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