1985 Porsche 944 Track or Street Car – $6951 (Royal Oak)

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This looks like a well done track car that has been presented well.

On Craigslist Detroit.

“85.5 Porsche 944 – excellent running, mechanical, and cosmetic condition. Vehicle is set up for SPEC 944 race competition per requirements for N.A.S.A. and SCCA sactioned rules / regs for the 944 specification race class. No damage, NO rust. Multiple significant upgrades / modifications to engine, exhaust, suspension, and interior which has turned this into a strong autocross, track, or rally vehicle that can also be driven on the street as well. The modofcations have resulted in significant performance increase and reduced weight. Very fast and light, handles like its on rails! This a normally aspirated (N/A) vehicle which makes it proper for SCCA & NASA sanctioned events, however vehicle is still street legal. With thousands more invested, asking only $7,250! If interested or questions contact Tim @ (248) 495-2546

***This vehicle is actually an 1985.5 model year***

Explanation of 85.5 year of make:
In mid-1985 the 944 underwent its first significant changes compared to ’83 – ’85 models. These included :- a new dash and door panels, embedded radio antenna, upgraded alternator (from 90 amp to 115 amp), increased oil sump capacity, new front and rear cast alloy control arms and semi-trailing arms, larger fuel tank, optional heated and powered seats, Porsche HiFi sound system, and revisions in the mounting of the transaxle to reduce noise and vibration. The “cookie cutter” style wheels used in the early 944s were upgraded to new “phone dial” style wheels. 1985 model year cars incorporating these changes are sometimes referred to as “1985B” or “1985 1/2″ cars.”

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