1985 Land Rover Defender 110 200 Tdi

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August 18, 2011 – It looks like the seller went through two price reductions at $16,999 and then $13,999 before pulling the listing presumably for a sale.

August 11, 2011 – Every time my wife drives in the “truck”, my ’95 Mitsubishi Montero, she never fails to ask: What do you want when this thing has had it?  I always reply, this thing has got a lot of life left in it.  It might be five to ten years before I’m serious… what do you mean when it’s had it?  More importantly, why do you always ask me that when you are driving in it?   Well, I never think we are going to make it, so it gets me thinking of something new.  Oh.

Well here’s what I want for a $19,500 start in Florida.

“Up for auction is a 1985 Defender 110 200 Tdi with a clear FL title.
This is an interesting truck as the chassis and axles are from a 1985 EX-MOD 110, the engine and gearbox are from a 1990 200 Tdi 110 and the body and interior are from one of the Defender 110’s that competed in the 1989 Camel Trophy Amazon Expedition—-the original rebuild putting this truck together happened in 1992. It has the full Camel roll cage, snorkel, rear light guards and mountings for shovel and pic(though not installed).
Now it is a daily driver 110 getting 25-30 mpg.
There is a stack of previous MOT certs on the windshield the last of which expired in April this year.
The body is as you would expect for a 110 that drove 1300+ miles through the Amazon, it has bumps and scars and the paint is starting to peel and flake on the doors but all in all in good shape. The bulkhead is solid, the footweels are solid and it has had a new rear crossmember installed. Chassis has the typical surface corrosion but is still solid.
Recently had a new turbo-back exhaust installed. Recent brake pads and radius arm bushings.
This truck runs and drives great. It drives straight, stops straight and the LT77 gearbox shifts like butter, it has no 2nd gear crunch like most. The high/low range and diff lock all work.
The interior is in fantastic shape too, seats are clean and rip free. It has the center dash Camel Controls for extra lights that would have been installed on the bumper and roof but none are installed at the moment. All windows roll down, all electrics work, wipers, wiper washer, horn and all lights. For those of you in colder states, THE HEAT WORKS GREAT, it blows very hot air out of all vents—-i think the back seat passengers might even get warm.
Here is a short video demonstrating the lights and engine running. The low mileage 200 Tdi runs like a top, it starts at the turn of the key, does not blow any smoke and pulls like a train.”

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    • Groosh

      Thanks for writing. That is a great looking truck. Hard to believe that was six years ago. Congrats!

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