1984 Porsche 928 Race Car (Fully Prepared)

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“I took this car in trade from the owner who wanted to upgrade to a much faster car. This car was well maintained, and generally ran in endures. This car ran 1:32’s at Big Willow, Willow Springs Racecourse, CA. It’s engine has been rebuilt with a 5.0 liter block with the 84 heads and intake which produces 275 on the ground horsepower. I estimate it weights around 2800 lbs. I have personally taken this car out for a couple of track days and would estimate it be a good entry level race car. It handles very well, but does not have so much HP to require superior skills to handle it. It comes with 2 sets of 17″ Forgeline rims with tire sizes oh 295 ZR 35 17 Frt, and 335 ZR 30 17rr  tires, and various spares. It has a S4 5 spd trans, S4 radiator with electric fan, Koni shocks, 1 1/4 Frt. solid sway bar, new 5 pt. harness, Cobra race seat. Here is my phone number as I’m sure I have not answered all of you’re question. 818 422 9054. Again, do not bid unless you want a fully caged race car.”

Love to learn how you strip six to 700 pounds out of this luxury land yacht.  It can’t be all in the interior after adding a roll bar, can it?  

 On eBay for $7,500 to start, no reserve, in Lake Forest, California.

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