1984 Jaguar Lightweight XJ-S 3.6 5 Speed Getrag Manual Preproduction Coupe

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I’ve been looking for one of these.  This would certainly be my choice for a future collectible and a fun car to have.  He’s got the bidding started at $8,000 with a reserve in Columbia, SC.   So it will be interesting if anyone thinks it’s worth what he wants.  And on December 18, 2011 no one did.

 “Lightweight XJ-S with a very early AJ6 six cylinder engine mated to a five speed Getrag Gearbox.  What is rare is subjective:  this car is one of two dozen sent by Coventry to Jaguar North America for testing purposes.  The cars had consecutively numbered VINs.  Detailed information including the established history of this car is provided in the following link . References are included to validate the authenticity, records, and condition.  I also have additional valuable parts that I may package with the car under reasonable terms.  I have weighed the car under 3300 lbs and it feels and handles like a sports car and more like an E-type than a grand tourer. 

Although an XJ-S body type, the handling, responsiveness, and quickness distinguishes it from other XJ-S cars, including the later 4.0 cars that weighed several hundred pounds more.”

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